Acada Lille is located in the town centre near the train station, the subway and the buses. To come easily and rapidly to the courses choose your accommodation accordingly. We can help you if you need with the booking. Contact us and we will make every attempt to meet your needs.

There are different possibilities of accommodation in Lille such as a youth hostel, a bed and breakfast, apartments, hotels.

Shops and restaurants

As soon as you leave Acada Lille, you will find in the center of Lille many restaurants, shops, supermarkets, coffee shops within 800m. You will find also typical and gastronomic restaurants, fast food which might propose vegan meals, groceries, organic shops but also many clothing shops , cinemas , libraries whether like the 6 floors giant Furet du Nord or small and specialized one. The shopping streets are within 5 minutes in foot of Acada Lille and the main square within 10 minutes. You can also visit others places such as the famous area of the “Vieux Lille” with its luxury shops and restaurants but also the area of ” Wazemmes” which are very popular and joyful , especially during its famous market.

The list of places to visit is still long! We will give you the best advices and addresses when you need it.

During your training in Acada Lille, we can advise you for the organization of the meals for the people accompanying you in restaurant at proximity . We choose all the restaurants for their reasonable prices, their qualities and specialties.

Unavoidable places to visit in Lille

How to move through the city


Lille is a very convenient city to visit. Everything is concentrated around the main square of Lille. We have two train stations, the shopping streets… You can go everywhere on foot from the town centre. It is very easy to move around the city. Acada Lille is located at approximately 900m from the train station of Gare Lille Flandres and the main square (Place du Général de Gaulle or Grand’Place). It is also at 500m from the square of République and the Palais des Beaux Arts.

Different means of transports are available

The Gare Lille Flandre is the intersection point of the different means of transports like the subways, trams, V ‘Lille (the bike share service), buses. Taxis are also available.

The subway stations allow you to get from one place to another very quickly. The two train stations are at 600 meters from each other and 800 meters from the main square.

The subway

There are 2 subway lines which are secured and automated. These two lines allow you to easily move around Lille and to others major cities (Villeneuve d’ascq, Roubaix, Tourcoinq…)

There is a subway every 2-8 minutes from 5.20am to 00.20am.

Line 1 : Villeneuve d’Ascq 4 cantons – CHR B Calmette

Line 2 : Lomme Saint Philibert – Tourcoing CH Dron

The closest subway stations of Acada Lille are République (line 1) or Mairie de Lille (line 2). For your first visit in Acada Lille, you should get off at République (line 1). It will be easier for you to come to Acada Lille. We are almost in front of the Palais des Beaux Arts.

The tramway :

There are 2 lines of tramways that connect Tourcoing to Roubaix with more than 35 stations.

The closest station from Acada Lille is Gare Lille Flandres.

The bus :

The bus network consists of 68 urban lines that contain 8 cross-border lines.

The closest bus stop from Acada Lille is République.

The shuttle of the Vieux-Lille:

This shuttle allows you to move around the area of the Vieux-Lille but also in the town center. To get into the shuttle you just have to shake your hand to the bus driver.

The V’Lille (bike share service):

The concept is simple, you take a bike from the station of your choice and when you arrive to your destination, you just have to put it back in the closest station. The network has been developed over the past year. A lot of bicycle lane has been created.

Come in Lille

Come by train :

The two train stations (Lille Flandres and Lille Europe) are closed to each other, located in the town center and at approximately 800 meters from the main square. Acada Lille is at 900 meters from the Gare Lille Flandres.

With the TGV, there are a lot of connections whether national or international (Paris, Bruxelles, Londres, Amsterdam…).

Come by plane :

Come by car :

Lille is rapidly accessible by 5 highways: